Addiction recovery

Our testimonials are from clients who are not only physically sober but who are also emotionally and spiritually sober.

“Only the impossible is worth doing” – Akong Rinpoche


“I had tried everything for at 3-4 years to brake the hold of Cocaine, Sex, Porn, Alcohol in my life Keystone showed me the only path that would set me free. My recovery mattered to Keystone, I was supported with a firm hand.

Following Keystone’s guidance, I found true freedom. Today, I am a better father, a better son, a better boss and a better person all around. Grant was an angel sent by God to rescue me from my pit. I am forever grateful.”

Wai | Investment Banker, Hong Kong


“I will say that this process was not easy, Keystone challenged me from the first day. To be honest I had so much self-will and pride that I almost didn’t go through with the process. I am grateful that I did pursue and follow the guidance that was offered working through the steps. I would not have experienced the spiritual experiences that are promised in the program if it weren’t for taking action and having a mentor to help me along the way.”

Whatever it is you are going through or whatever you fear the most stand no chance when you have a strong foundation, which is built from working through the Big Book. I am a miracle of the program and when I look back at what I went through I am surprised that I handled it with so much ease. In reality, the reason it was so easy was that I had a new power in my life and a spiritual guide to take me on the journey. I lost my dream job and was in financial ruin. Yet during this stressful time, I remained sober and was able to handle situations, which in the past would have baffled me Keystone saved me.

Grant is a man of character that I deeply respect. He helped me in my time of need. I am very grateful for everything he has done for me. If you are willing to go to any length then Grant is your guy.”

Justin | Aviation


Thank you, for helping me get onto the path of sober, positive and useful living.

Timothy | Musician

“The best in Hong Kong. No nonsense, clear and concise road map to recreating your life. Keystone Recovery Services helped me to find my truth.”

Alex | Actor | Author


“I have known the founder of Keystone Recovery Services for more than 20 plus years. I worked with Grant twice and he has truly helped many addicts find purpose and peace.”

Pauline | Nurse | Retired Addiction Counsellor


“When I came I was hurting, detached from the self, lost. Through honest introspection and a willingness to grow along spiritual lines I turned my life around.”

Albert | Marketing


”Who is Grant to me?

A friend. A brother. A person I trust with any element of the most intimate part of my inner self. The part that I would say not few but no one truly knows other than my mother. Someone who I was lucky to meet. Fate would have it that way. Faith allowed me to intuitively trust in this great man. I am now sober. Living a free man amongst free men. Having accepted and taken the strong tea I was offered.

Guy | Model


“Despite being successful on paper, Keystone Recovery taught me logic inside a universe I could not grasp. He is a true guide the real deal”

Michael | Designer


“In life, there are days made of luck. Luck is not showing up every day but we definitely need to catch it when it shows up. If you are on this page there are 2 things I assume a) you looking for help yourself b) a significant other needs help. Today luck is with you. Grab this opportunity Keystone Recovery Services and walk into change. You will never regret it”

Guillaume | Businessman


Addiction recovery