Residential Treatments

Rehabilitation facilities specializing in addiction treatment.
We have partnered up with reputable, registered drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers abroad. These rehab facilities are not resorts but are rather places where you can go and genuinely heal and get clean and sober in a recovery community. There is something for every budget and we’re open to exploring options regarding financing please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you or a significant other needs help. Keystone is here to help you.

We have successfully assisted many people to get into treatment from the Asia-Pacific region it’s very affordable and it works! There is something for all budgets. Please call +852 60186110 or alternatively email us

Clients can opt to go for a month only. There is no commitment to do a 3-month stay but it is highly recommended if you’re serious about wanting to get well. From our experience, it is always advisable to consider a minimum of 2 months of residential care abroad. Many clients have opted for this and they have found it to be an investment that is unlike any other.

Keystone can assist in booking flights if requested to do so.

Packages for rehabilitation for addictive behaviors include:

⦁ Board and lodging
⦁ Handbooks
⦁ Group and individual counseling
⦁ Psycho-education
⦁ Mindfulness meditation
⦁ 12 step guidance (where applicable)
⦁ Airport pick and airport drop off by a chaperone
⦁ Trips to and from 12 step meetings (where applicable)

Activities beach walks, desert treks, tennis, yoga, meditation, mountain walks, BBQ’s, pottery, art etc (where applicable)

Please, note not all rehabs offer the 12 step model as a form of treatment. We know that the 12 step programme isn’t the only option when it comes to treating substance abuse and process addictions like sex, gambling and eating disorders. The physical location of the rehabs limit what clients can and can’t do an example of this would be a facility in the desert, for instance, won’t be able to offer beach walks and similarly, addiction treatment centers on the coast are not able to offer desert walks.