Solutions Retreat

Recovery Retreats

This 1-week residential retreat has proved to be a popular choice for our clients struggling with substance abuse. This addiction recovery retreat a first for Hong Kong is very special as clients get to live, work and eat with our lead facilitator on a one on one basis for a week! We have found a lovely place on Lantau Island where we hold the retreat (surf and turf) where clients can heal from active addiction. This recovery retreat is hard work and it’s also intense it is also followed up with a 3-month support programme. We don’t believe in cutting people off after treatment so we monitor our clients and help them to readjust and settle back into their daily lives. 1 full day. This is for people who are serious about getting clean and sober.

Please contact us for availability on +852 60186110 or +852 29107979 or alternatively

The package includes

⦁ transport to and from the retreat location
⦁ lodging
⦁ 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
⦁ client handbook
⦁ textbook
⦁ handouts
⦁ excursions
⦁ aftercare