Addiction recovery

About Keystone Addiction Services


Keystone Addiction Recovery Services has a mission to bring long-lasting recovery to the many who are suffering from addiction. Our foundational values are leadership, wisdom, compassion, and accountability these guiding principles are deeply rooted in everything we represent.


Keystone Addiction Recovery was founded by Grant Sanders (a recovered addict who has 25 years experience with addiction) we provide an alternative for people seeking help for addiction recovery in Hong Kong and the wider region. We offer a programme that really works our vision and motivation is to simply help and assist people who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse. We are in the business of helping people get well.


What is unique about Keystone Addiction Recovery?

  • 95% success rate.
  • Professional and affordable addiction recovery.
  • We are also the very first to offer clients recovery retreats in the territory and possibly in Asia.
  • We teach recovery with complete dedication and commitment.
  • Keystone assists people to get the real help they need when opting for residential treatment.
  • We are also the only addictive services provider that does interventions. (we go anywhere).


Why Keystone Addiction Recovery?

Keystone Addiction Recovery isn’t a “rehab” in the conventional sense and nor are we a clinic. We do not offer psychiatric treatment or psychotherapy or any other medical services like detox facilities at our Hong Kong office.

Our holistic programme of action is based on the evidence-based Therapeutic Community model and the 12-step model of recovery because it works. We are the only people providing a genuine 12-step model rehab in Hong Kong.

Keystone essentially addresses 4 key areas the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, which we believe is imperative for building a lasting and strong recovery. All our programmes have been structured so that clients are accountable whilst they work a rigorous and disciplined program of recovery.

We also use the Therapeutic Community, which is an evidence-based treatment model that helps people with substance abuse problems. In conjunction with that, we also teach various effective meditation and breathing techniques to our clients. The experiential approach to recovery is what we are about essentially getting clients to learn by doing. We teach our clients how to implement tools and skills in their lives right from the start of their recovery journey.

Our mission is clear and that is to bring long-lasting recovery to the many who are suffering from addiction. We opened our doors to meet the growing demand for professional and affordable addiction treatment in Hong Kong and we believe that our presence will provide people with alternatives when seeking help for addictive behaviours.


What you can expect to learn from us about addiction recovery

  • To control your emotional nature
  • To distinguish between real and fancied
  • To get empowered
  • To realize that true happiness lies within
  • To learn that the problem is internal (not external)
  • To stop blaming others
  • To learn forgiveness love and tolerance
  • To make new connections (not only with people)
  • To WAKE UP (we know waking up isn’t easy)
  • To laugh and cry (we have seen a few men cry..)
  • To be restored to sanity
  • To learn how to effectively use tools in your day to day life
  • To make peace with your past
  • To accept things as they are
  • To stop hiding behind masks
  • To learn about how to be consistent
  • To have a new kind of power flow through you
  • To expect the unexpected