Guiding the way to true freedom

Keystone Addiction Recovery Services

Keystone Addiction Recovery offers affordable and professional addiction recovery services. 

We have helped guide many people to true freedom from their addictive behaviors. Keystone Addiction Recovery offers a variety of services that genuinely equips people with effective practical tools, and skills to apply in their lives during and after completion of their treatment for addictive behaviours.

Keystone Addiction Recovery has preferred partnerships and with registered and highly dedicated ethical professionals in the field of addiction and mental health in Hong Kong and abroad.

We wholeheartedly believe in treating the entire individual all the addiction recovery programmes we offer address 4 key areas the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional our programme is truly holistic.

Keystone Addiction Recovery can help anyone who is struggling with addictive behaviours get real help whether it be substance abuse and/or process addictions like gambling, sex or pornography we can assist you.

The Founder

Grant Sanders: Interventionist | Facilitator | Recovery Coach

Grant is the founder and lead addiction facilitator at Keystone Addiction Recovery in Hong Kong. He is also a leading interventionist who has assisted many people struggling with substance abuse disorders in the region.

Grant holds a degree in sociology and psychology and has over 25 years experience in the field of addiction recovery.

He is in long term recovery himself which provides him with the empathy, and ability to relate and really help people suffering from addiction and substance abuse disorders.

Keystone has helped many people find a new positive way of living free from active addiction.

How can Keystone Addiction Recovery help you?


We do interventions for families, significant others, and employers to help people in trouble with alcohol and drugs.

Residential Treatment

We partnered up with credible and affordable authentic treatment centers to help and assist people who need residential treatment.

7 Week Recovery Programme

The programme that uses the 12 step model of recovery in conjunction with the evidence-based programme like the Therapeutic Community and other holistic practices.

Recovery Retreats

Intensive 1-week recovery retreat on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Ideal for clients who need a physical separation for some time but who can’t go away to treatment for an extended period of time.

Here are some things that clients can expect to learn from us at Keystone Addiction Recovery Services

  • That craving only happens when you ingest an intoxicant into your body.
  • How to use breathing and meditation to break habits.
  • How to be accountable and take responsibility for your actions.
  • How to nurture your inner spirit so you can find true inner freedom.
  • How to overcome the obsession of wanting to act out in addictive behaviors.
  • How to get peace with yourself and others.
  • How to deal with witching hours (they vary for different people).
  • How to get free from that feeling of impending doom. (my world is going to collapse feeling)
  • How to make true peace with your past.
  • How to journal by reviewing your interactions with the world and the people in it on a daily basis
  • How to find lasting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional sobriety.
  • How to stop blaming others for your problems.
  • How to better manage work and social gatherings that can cause stress and anxiety.
  • How to stop creating harm to ourselves and significant others.
  • Unlearn and unravel the many myths, beliefs, and misconceptions about addiction.
  • How to be a responsible, mindful and compassionate member of your community and society at large.

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